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Redesign Your Space: Things to Change When You Want to Redecorate

For most of us, decorating – and redecorating – your space is more like a chore than an opportunity. Moving into a new home means shopping for furniture in the nearby home décor store or an obligatory online trip to Lazada or Shopee. “Moving in” also means repainting the walls, swapping old sheets to modern ones, customizing bedroom floor to how we wanted our overall room design to look like. 

Redesigning a space is so much more than that, what we put in reflects to who we are. Remember walking into someone’s house for the first time, and what you seem to notice at first are the German-inspired Givenchy Royal Hanover chandeliers hanging on the roof, the exquisite diamond encrusted sofa and straight lay patterned tiles exuding nobility and untouchability of the household. A living space speaks a thousand words about the person living there. As Nate Berkus writes, “Your home should tell a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love brought together in one roof.”

In this piece, we will share the things you need to do or change in your home décor set up and give you the options to explore other designs suitable for you and your home.


Neatness and orderliness in your home is an essential thing to remember. Aside from buying furniture and appliances, you also have to make sure that all stuff inside your home must be organized and well-placed. Keep your things tidy, clean and in order. This way, you will be able to think more clearly, be more productive and wake up to fresher mornings with your loved ones. 

Add Fresh Flowers, Plants and Water 

According to Feng shui experts, putting a mini fountain inside your home will bring you wealth and prosperity as it symbolizes money. Having fresh flowers and plants, on the other hand, will brighten up your mood and allow you to be more calm and composed when facing hard situations. 

You may also design your home using bamboo. This is said to be one of the most effective Feng shui good luck charms. Bamboo is not only an aesthetically pleasing piece of art but could also bring you peace and wealth. 

Use Lucky Colors for Walls and Other Interior Designs

Green and red colors are renowned to be two of the luckiest colors. According Feng shui, choosing the right colors will impact your mood. Paint your walls, doors and other surfaces with red or green or purchase any floor tile designs with the same colors. But if you want to retain your white walls, you may just buy furniture or home accessories around the color scheme. The only important thing is to make the said lucky colors the dominant hue in your home. 

Feature Decors with Positive Symbolism 

Featuring decorations and ornaments that are inspiring and uplifting will boost your mood. Putting guns, swords and other war weapons on your décor list, for instance, is not advisable as it provokes negative energies to settle in. You can hang pictures or paintings of your favorite singers, actors or photos of any religious relic and quotes you live by every day on your favorite wall corners. 

Choose Uplifting Floor Tile Colors 

Colored tiles is a fun and satisfying way to add brightness and personality to your home. If your area is not too big, avoid dark-colored tiles because your home will appear even smaller. On the other hand, using bright colored tiles such as cream or bright red will make your space larger. 

If you are planning to redesign your kitchen floors or entryways, consider tile colors such as terra cotta, brown, dark gray or navy blue tiles. It is a good choice if you want to entice people to come in, especially for businesses. The same is true with large bathrooms, using scalloped or subway tiles in bold colors like hunter green and navy blue will make your bathroom cozy and elegant. 

We have already pointed out the important things to consider in redesigning your space or choosing the right stuff to put inside your home. If you decide to re-do your flooring design, check our website to help you pick the most suitable floor tile designs and colors perfect for your home.