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Tile Express – BIG Year End Sale

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog Wood

Tilex Catalog Wood

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog 30x60

Tilex Catalog 30x60

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog 20x20 15x15 Subway

Tilex Catalog 20x20 15x15 Subway

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog 40x40 30x30 Page 1

Tilex Catalog 40x40 30x30 Page 1

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog 40x40 30x30 Page 2

Tilex Catalog 40x40 30x30 Page 2

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog 60x60 Page 1

Tilex Catalog 60x60 Page 1

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog 60x60 Page 2

Tilex Catalog 60x60 Page 2

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog Mosaics Page 1

Tilex Catalog Mosaics Page 1

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog Mosaics Page 2

Tilex Catalog Mosaics Page 2

BIG YEAR END SALE Tilex Catalog 60x60 Page 3

Tilex Catalog 60x60 Page 3

Opening the biggest Tile Express Shop in Northern Luzon!

Tile Express Shop has opened another new store! Just a few months after opening SM Megamall branch, here comes another milestone for Tile Express Shop. The newest showroom is located at Central Terminal Maharlika Highway, Leonarda, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. It’s the first ever store in the Northern Luzon region, with a vast floor area of 1,300 sqm! Yes, you read that right. 1,300 square meters of displays and stocks of tiles, mosaics, and bathroom collections for clients to choose from.

Visitors would definitely appreciate the expansive area, and the showcase of educational displays with a great number of selections.

Take a look at some of the photos.

The Cashier area featuring Carara signature mosaics, and our newest series of Spanish design tiles

Popular Project series and Wood-look tiles

Mosaic Collections

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team are looking forward to seeing you, sure to give you a warm welcome while maintaining social distancing and staying safe. Come and visit Tile Express Shop Tuguegarao now!

For any inquiries, you may call the store through these numbers: (078) 3778695, 0917-1508513, 0917-1539697 & 0917-1083483.

Is it time for you to renovate?

New year means a lot of new beginnings or new things, or should we say contemplating again from your overused resolutions. New doesn’t always mean fresh or new as in “new”. Sometimes you can still use your past things and make them look new – that’s what you call renovating. Most homeowners would opt to renovate but renovating takes a lot of time, effort, and well, money. While you can work on minor repairs and home improvements, there will come a time that major renovation is no longer inevitable. You are renovating because you want your home to look pleasing and feel more comfortable. Consider this home renovation a business plan or your special project starting from scratch. After all, don’t be afraid to renovate your space as you go aboard on this adventure wisely. Here are some things to consider when planning for a home renovation.

Plan Smartly

In renovating your space, it’s not all about what you envision first is what you want immediately in your home, you have to plan smartly and that’s the first step. By planning, you have to consider the structure and location of your home and especially the budget. After dealing with the first part comes the materials. Prior to the renovation, you need to keep in mind the paint colors, sample tiles, fabrics and finishes so that you can visualize the outcome of your home. Accomplishing these before the renovation starts can avoid delays and unnecessary and unexpected changes. With these steps, you are aware of what you really picture for your home.


Visualize your space

After planning of materials to use for the renovation, next stop is the sourcing of design ideas. From design books to interior decorating shows on televisions and even attending interior design expos, you can get a lot of inspirations from minimalism to maximizing the design, your eyes will be outpoured with excitement. But don’t be drowned with these design inspirations as it will confuse you to what you really visualize for your home. Take a deep breath and decide what you always wanted to see. From color palate to design of your tiles and wallpaper to furniture, list down all the things needed for the renovation. This will guide you to fully utilize the materials and to avoid money and time wastage.


Invest in quality materials

Once you’ve listed down everything needed for the renovation, it’s now time to buy the materials for the new look of your home. Always keep in mind to invest in quality materials. Some you will find expensive but in the long run, it is worth the design aesthetic. Also, don’t be tired of doing interior/furniture shop hopping because not everything is in one-stop-shop kind of deal. You start by sourcing first of things you need for the renovation and then compare prices which suits the budget. In that way you’ll learn how to save and invest on materials worth the function for your home in the long run.

Commitment is key

After preparing the materials for the renovation, you can now ask yourself, are you the DIY person or you need some professional help? Whatever your heart desires,always remember to be fully committed to this special project of yours. Either with the help of someone or yourself only, be involved and stick to the plan. There may be some changes along the way but only minor details will occur and it won’t affect the plan. During the renovation, always start with major plans that need more time to renovate then as smooth as it goes, you are now renovating to small details. This will guide you to follow the plan and avoid forgotten steps along the renovation.

Design what you picture

After the beautiful chaos has made in renovating your home, you start now by decorating the new space of yours with things and furniture that will elevate your home to a whole new look. Remember to always consider your wall paint, wallpaper and tiles in decorating your home. This will complement your home like one in the design books or interior design shows and will give a comfortable feeling of your new look at home. With all the details and advice mentioned, one can say that renovating a home takes so much time and that will lead to unfinished business but the other way taught us that along the process comes the fulfillment that you visualize is turning to life and there’s a feeling of satisfaction in it. On the question of “is it time to renovate?” Yes, it is definitely the time to renovate. And to help you choose the best materials on your renovation, visit to know more.

Tile Motif: From minimalist to mixed

Your Tiles alone, can bring out the best out of your home. From flooring to backsplash or wall-covering, your tiles can work in so many ways. But the question is, how do you choose the motif fit for you and your home? In this article, we will guide you through before you purchase. 

You must note that tiles are not all ornate or intricate as you thought it would be because minimalist but elite tiles always make a statement. So if you are  the kind that prefers simple but refreshing vibe on your home, you might want to purchase tiles that are minimally-designed. 

Classic shaped tiles with a textured finish in neutral colors can offer you a soothing and very calming vibe. This design creates a space of visual interest and movement but without using bright or bold colors and minimal-detailing. 



This tile and wood ensemble beautifully blends together creating an aura of nature. The marble and the wood’s natural texture creates a light textural contrast to the tile that makes it more elegant looking. 

The black tiles with honey-comb like illusion and the accents of gold add glow to the overall look. 

This tile design, on the other hand, proves that less is more especially in the shower area. Tiles that come in different sizes but of the same color palette will make the area larger and open. But if you want to explore on patterned tiles, it could also be as it could add more character to the look. 

This bathroom design looks so spacious and well-lighted and the open-vanity gives out a lot of spaces for stuff appearing uncluttered. It feels calming and refreshing to see the vanity table match with the tile design making it more cohesive and easy on the eyes. 

For many people, mixing and matching tiles is a lot harder than it seems. Any wrong color or design match can cost you a lot especially when you plan to re-do it. It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Well, that’s where we come in because  we will be giving you tips on how to mix and match the right tiles for your home. 


Balance Busy Patterns 

An oblong-mosaic on the backsplash and a large-scale plain tiles will create a space bigger than it seems. A mix of these is easy on the eyes and something you will love. *change photo to one with our products 


Pattern with Plain

Remember to restrict your use of patterned tile to one surface – either the wall or the floor. In this picture, a classic hexagonal tiles on the floor is matched with a large-scale oblong wall tiles providing an enhanced glossy background. 

Play with Scale

One of the most important things to remember when balancing tiles is combining large and small scale patterned tiles. You may also combine three designs like this ion the picture. One is the tiny hexagonal tiles on the wall, second the medium sized hexagonal pattern on the basin and large-scale oblong tiles on the floor. The neutral monochromatic palette adds flavor and harmony ion the over-all design. 

Whether it be minimal or mixed, Tile express got you covered. Just look into our myriad of tile designs and we will help you pick the best for your home. Call us today! 


2020 Trendy Home Decorations

The start of the new year not only calls for a celebration, but also inspires positive changes within us and the environment around us. 

For homemakers and interior design aficionados, this means reinventing and freshening up your home décor!

Thinking of redecorating your home this new year? Check out our list of 2020 trendy home decorations that you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Classic Blue

Color is an essential element of design. That’s why there’s no doubt that design enthusiasts all around the world are delighted for the announcement of this year’s pantone of the year. The Pantone Color Institute has announced that Pantone 19-4052 or Classic Blue is the pantone of the year 2020! This calm, relaxing, and timeless shade of blue is a delightful choice for many designers for its effortless elegance and simplicity. 

  1. Vintage Décor

As they say in fashion, vintage never gets out of style. This also applies in interior design and would be more apparent this 2020. 

Watch out for the return of traditional detailing from spooled legs to spindles as they are expected to go back on trend for furniture designers this year. However, avoid going overboard in using too much vintage into your home décor, as designers would recommend having them just as accent pieces or focal points to make them stand out and maximize their impact into a room. 

  1. Contrasting Décor

Have you ever wanted to paint your accent wall into a dark/black color? Now’s the perfect time to do it as high contrast colors are the new craze this 2020. Contrary to the all neutral or all white décor that grew popular the past few years, this new year calls for contrast. Go all out with a dark painted accent wall amid a light-colored room or invest in a dark fabric accent chair that would go well with your other light-colored living room furnishing.

  1. Non-white kitchen space

The past decade brought in the rise of all-white kitchen spaces. As we start a new decade this year, designers are expecting to go out of this trend and see more character in kitchen interior design. Lookout for the rise of natural wood furnishings or countertops and color-pop kitchen cabinets!

Getting excited on starting your home renovation this 2020? While it’s nice to keep up with the latest design trends, you should also not forget to invest in quality pieces and go for a trustworthy provider.

If you’re looking for ways to apply these trends into your home renovation, check out our available tiles and other premium quality products at Tile Express!



Different Ways to Incorporate Spanish Tiles in Your Home

Our homes are our personal sanctuary. While keeping it comfortable and functional is on the top of our agenda when designing our homes, it is also essential to infuse our personalities through interior design to keep us inspired while taking retreat in our own homes. 

If you’re looking for ways to add in a little personality and keep your home visually exciting, Spanish tiles are the way to go.

Not too sure on how you can incorporate Spanish tiles into your home? Check out our tips below:




Tile Express Shop: Fleur Azul Spanish Tile


Spanish tiles are a great addition to any kitchen space! With its bright and colorful patterns, they work well when used as a backsplash as they can resist moisture and can easily be cleaned after spills and stains.



Tile Express Shop: Bella Spanish Tile


You’ve probably seen Spanish tiles in a lot of restaurant and hotel floors before. With its unique designs and patterns, they make up for an interesting flooring of choice for both residential and commercial use alike.

Accent Wall


Tile Express Shop: Rombo Spanish Tile

An accent wall is a great addition to quickly transform the vibe in any room. With its interesting designs and patterns, Spanish tiles work well as an accent wall on top of the usual bright-painted walls. 

These are just some examples on how you can creatively add Spanish tiles into your space. If you’re excited as much as we do on adding these tiles into your home décor, check-out our Spanish tiles collection at the Tile Express Shop!

The leading source of quality imported tiles in the Philippines, Tile Express offers an extensive collection of floor and wall tiles, mosaics, sanitary wares and other accessories. 

Your one-stop tile shop, Tile Express is the perfect destination for all your tile needs!

Find a Tile Express near you from this link!

Panton Blue: Color of the Year

Each year brings in new trends and design styles. Pantone is no stranger to this, as each year they unveil a new color to mark a new beginning. This year’s color is Pantone 19-4052 or the Classic Blue. They defined the color as “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

The color gives a timeless and elegant look in its simplicity. Known to our psyches as a restful color, Classic Blue gives off a sense of both peace, serenity, and tranquility. At the same time, its reflective color brings out a sense of resilience.
Each time Pantone rolls out their Color of the Year, it influences both product development and even spending decisions in industries such as fashion, home design and décor, industrial design, and even down to graphic design choices. Been wanting to kick off the new decade with a new, fresh take on your home? Let your home be no stranger to the Pantone’s Color of the Year and give it that 2020 makeover to start the decade right. Here are some ways to incorporate it in your home.


If you want to give your home or room that Classic Blue spin, getting your curtains to match the Color of the Year is the cost-effective solution. Without shelling too much money, you can add some of that

calm hue in your home.


Whether this meaning home accessories such as throw pillows, vases, other coffee table accessories or even accent chairs, having a pop of color is always a good way to go. Classic Blue as the accent color can go well with a variety of home colors.


If you think your home needs a complete makeover to start the new decade, then going for a change in your wall accents tiles is a good way to start. Just like the Atlantic mosaics tiles from Tile Express, you can make your bathroom or kitchen stand out with that calm and confident look Classic Blue can give.
Learn more about how Tile Express can help give your home the makeover you deserve at

To know more about our products, visit our website at

Outdoor Tiles to Match Your Outdoor Decor

Any house’s outdoor space is an integral part of any home as this is a place where families and friends can get together to chill and unwind. That’s why your outdoor space must be one that emits good ambiance and energy. You can easily achieve this through the design of your outdoor space. What exactly are the things you can do to create a fun outdoor space? Here are a few tips.

Green Space

Do you have little children or pets who love to run around the house? An outdoor green space is perfect for you. Place a mini garden or patches of grass to give your space a more earthy and green look. You may also create a small garden path to enhance your green space. The Barcelona Outdoor tile is perfect for a space like this as it is an anti-slip and has a rough texture so you are sure that it is not accident prone especially to children. 

Barcelona Gris

Recreational and Garage Space

If you find yourself having a smaller space in which one space has 2 uses, like a recreational area and garage area in one, there are a lot of ways to improve and maximize the space that you have. You can create in one side a mini playground for the children, or a mini outdoor sala set where the adults can hang out, and if you have your car on the other side, just make sure that it is properly covered and protected. You may also use a tile flooring that is suitable for your car and very durable, like the Pave Outdoor Tiles

Bold and Inspired Space

Do you want to feel like you’re visiting an exotic vacation place whenever you go outdoors? Achieve your dream space with the Guijaro Floor/Wall Tiles. This tile is bold and stylish so it will definitely give you “vacation dreams” feels. Pair it with wood/antique furniture and a color garden to finish off the look.

There are so many ways to amp up your outdoor space. Choosing the right tiles is one step closer towards a more fun and harmonious outdoor space. Make sure that you choose the right tile for you! 

Check out Tile Express’ various tile collection at



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