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Matching Your Tiles with Your Furniture

Mixing and matching existing furniture with a new set of tiles can be exhausting especially for homeowners with a taste for design and flare. This can especially be frustrating when you have a space and some discontinued furniture that needs replacing. On the other hand, what if you’re also worrying about a budget? 

Below are some fun ways to mix and match furniture with your tiles while staying within a certain number of elements and themes: 

Match colors with patterns and vice versa

If you have solid colored white or beige tiles, top them off with colored furniture to bring some color and vibrancy into the room. 

Using a variety of floor tiles in different patterns and colors can often be an eye explosion if topped with furniture in a variety of colors and patterns. Match colorful floor tiles and patterns with simpler solid colored furniture to let the tiles stand out!

Follow a theme

Are you looking to have a room with an earth tone theme? Pair earth tones such as brown, green and white, with fellow earth tones such as blue. Don’t limit these colors to your floors and furniture, but to your walls as well. 

Are you looking to have a vibrant colored room? If so, look into a variety of patterns or lines on your walls with hues of yellow, red or purple. Simpler colored furniture can bring attention to your walls and floors in this case!

Consider the size of your space

Are you playing with a smaller space? Mirrors are known to make spaces look bigger! Try some mirror subway tiles to add a unique twist to your walls. Mirror subway tiles are of a neutral color and can be used across all room themes. These can easily be paired with any type of furniture. 

Whatever your taste may be, today’s modern world allows us no boundaries in decorating our spaces. We’re no longer limited to lines and solid colors, but as well as patterns, or touches of colors depending on what you feel and what will make you feel most relaxed and at home in your own personal space. 

Color Your World with Subway Tiles

In our fast paced world full of stress and technological distractions, companies are being called to improve work spaces by bringing in more vibrant colors and by using unique hues of designs to improve employee morale. These days as well, interior designers and architects alike are using more vibrant materials when designing spaces such as hotel rooms to restaurants to kitchens, even to public toilets. Even young parents have resulted to using all types of materials on their children’s walls, with a variety of colors to enhance their young minds. 

Bold Colors

They say that different colors reflect different types of emotions. The color blue has been often associated with tranquility and calmness, and symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and heaven. While a louder color such as red has often been associated with energy, war, desire and love. However, in some cultures, red can also symbolize good luck and prosperity. Yellow is often a color which symbolizes the sun, and is often tied to joy, happiness and energy. Green is a color that reminds us of money – a reason why it also symbolizes safety and security. 


Brooklyn Subway Tiles

But designs and colors shouldn’t simply be limited to primary and secondary colors. Today, spaces are decorated with a variety of colors. Gone are the days when the choices are limited to using paint or simple wallpaper designs. Interior designers have long resulted to using a variety of tiles to decorate not just floors, but even walls as well. 

Classic Subway

Subway tiles are one of the latest trends not just for your floors, but for your walls too. Classic and beautiful, subway tiles come in a variety of colors and has become a very popular choice and design element for many homeowners and interior designers. With subway tiles, you can choose to dab your walls with a splash of color in a variety of shapes, lines and patterns any way you wish. The same way tiles are often used on floors, subway tiles are now popularly used to cover entire walls of kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to clean and highly durable. 


Jewel Bronze and Jewel Base Subway Tiles and Espejo Subway Tiles

So the same way we don’t want to be limited to black and white empty spaces, don’t limit yourself to simple paints or even paintings for your walls. Discover the colorful world of subway tiles and see how much this will make a difference not just in your mood, but also in your day! 

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Are Wood Tiles Ideal for Your Home?

One of the hottest trends for home and interior decorators today are wood-like tiles. Manufactured to combine the visual appearance of hardwood and durability of tiles, wood tiles are the perfect choice for users who are looking for the elegance of wood with the added convenience of easy maintenance that tiles have. 

Want to try it out? Here are some tips on how you can use wood tiles to add value, style and comfort to your home:

Choose a lighter shade for a fresh look

For a  modern look, veer away from traditional oak and darkwood hues. Go for a lighter shade like our POPLAR TAN wood tile for a natural finish.


Tile Express, POPLAR TAN wood tile

Use it for bathroom and kitchen floors

One major advantage of wood tiles over traditional hardwood floors is its ability to withstand moisture. This makes it the perfect tile of choice if you want to go for a natural wooden look for high-moisture areas such as your bathroom and kitchen floors. 

Tile Express, POPLAR GRIGIO wood tile

Take it to the wall

Going for a nature-inspired design? Wood tiles offer a rustic charm and versatility that goes well even on wall applications. Use it as an accent wall in your living room, bedroom or basement space for a natural yet elegant look. 

Tile Express, POPLAR CEDAR wood tile

Wood tiles provide the perfect balance of hardwood’s sophistication and the durability and easy maintenance that tiles offer. 

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Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

Not everyone has the luxury of space, especially nowadays that people are opting to stay in condos that, while they provide convenience to the homeowner, having a small space is usually inevitable.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of it.

If you find yourself caved in a tiny space, here are some ways to maximise your small area. 

  1. Use light colours on the walls and floor.

Short in space but abundant in lighting? Painting your walls with light shades will make your space look bigger. White/ light coloured walls blend into the shadows that’s why it gives the illusion of a much larger room.

  1. Maximize hidden storage and multi-purpose items

Multi-functional is the way to go!  If you can find a couch that doubles as a storage for your bed linens and other things, then that’s a way to save space. If you can store away your belongings into nice furniture, then it minimises clutter and gives the illusion of more space. 

  1. Opt for larger pieces of furniture

Having a small space doesn’t mean that you also need to have small furniture. Opt for 1 big sofa as compared to having 4 smaller chairs. With this tip, quality overrules quantity, and less is definitely more. 

  1. Mirror, mirror, and more mirror. 

It’s no secret that mirrors are one of the best ways to maximise a small space. Mirrors are best placed on cabinet doors or floor-to-ceiling walls. Floor length mirrors make a room appear taller and horizontal length mirrors make a room appear wider. 

  1. Use large-format tiles

Large-format tiles give the illusion of a wider room. The Calacatta Tiles 60×120 tile is the perfect tiles that gives the illusion of an elongated room. Take it up a notch by laying them out  horizontally slanted to maximise the space even more. 

There are a lot of ways to create the illusion of space to any small room. You just have to be creative enough so you can enjoy even if you have a small space. 

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How to Mix and Match Mosaic and Tiles

One of the most effective ways to transform your plain, boring looking home into an impressive, stylish one is through the use of tiles!

Whether it’s for your kitchen, living room or bathroom, tiles can provide the “wow” factor to every home. One popular trend for interior designers today is mixing and matching mosaics with classic tiles. Mosaics, often made by combining various materials from glass, ceramic, natural stone, etc., works great in highlighting and making an area of your home stand out.

Here are some tips from our experts at Tile Express on how you can mix and match mosaic and classic tiles for your home:

Balance busy patterns with plain tiles

One common design mistake when using mosaics, is overdoing it. As it is with all forms of art, there should be balance in installing tiles for your home. Contain the use of patterned mosaics into one surface (either a portion of your floor or an accent wall) and pair it with plain tiles to make it pop out.

Make mosaics standout with neutral colored tiles

For an elegant and classy look, make your mosaics the focal point by matching it with neutral colored tiles. The last thing that you want to happen is to overshadow your mosaics with bright, loud colored tiles.

Combine matte and glossy tiles

Monochromatic colors make the room look elegant and cohesive. But, doing it incorrectly may result in your place looking flat and unappealing. To make a contrasting effect without breaking up your color scheme, you can use matte tiles together with your polished mosaics. This will make your mosaics appear tactile and more visually interesting.

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Design Your Bathroom for Less

Nothing is more relaxing than a warm bath after a long exhausting day. But, do you know what can make it even better? A clean and good-looking bathroom. But some people may think that renovation is a bit costly and not everyone can afford it.

Luckily we found cheap solutions to make your bathroom look fancier and pleasing to the eye so that you can truly enjoy your “me” time!


Throw away empty containers and trade in your cheap plastic bottles of shampoo and shower gels for glass containers.  Transfer their content in clear bottles or containers to immediately amp up your bathroom. This is also an efficient way of tracking how much stuff you have left so you wouldn’t run out of shampoo at the most inconvenient time!


Invest in large mirrors or mirrors with interesting shapes as this will add depth to your bathroom. Yes, big mirrors can be a bit expensive but it is still a lot cheaper than renovating the entire room. You can also use mosaics for the wall to add space and drama. The Katharine Mosaic Tiles is perfect for this kind of effect.


White on white color scheme is the safest way to make your bathroom look more polished and spacious. It also reflects light and will make your bathroom appear brighter. But, if you prefer a bit of life in your bathroom but unsure of which colors go together, you can always opt for the neutral tones. Warm beige, soft grays, or even faint hues of pastel colors. The Serpeggiante Grigio tiles has warm tones that can complement your choice of color.


Instead of removing your vanity or tearing your cabinets to add space, you can just use large format tiles to make your bathroom visually bigger. Blending the tiles from one area to another continuously will also make the room more refined. SL Travertine a large format tile is perfect in giving this kind of illusion.


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