Color Your World with Subway Tiles

In our fast paced world full of stress and technological distractions, companies are being called to improve work spaces by bringing in more vibrant colors and by using unique hues of designs to improve employee morale. These days as well, interior designers and architects alike are using more vibrant materials when designing spaces such as hotel rooms to restaurants to kitchens, even to public toilets. Even young parents have resulted to using all types of materials on their children’s walls, with a variety of colors to enhance their young minds. 

Bold Colors

They say that different colors reflect different types of emotions. The color blue has been often associated with tranquility and calmness, and symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and heaven. While a louder color such as red has often been associated with energy, war, desire and love. However, in some cultures, red can also symbolize good luck and prosperity. Yellow is often a color which symbolizes the sun, and is often tied to joy, happiness and energy. Green is a color that reminds us of money – a reason why it also symbolizes safety and security. 


Brooklyn Subway Tiles

But designs and colors shouldn’t simply be limited to primary and secondary colors. Today, spaces are decorated with a variety of colors. Gone are the days when the choices are limited to using paint or simple wallpaper designs. Interior designers have long resulted to using a variety of tiles to decorate not just floors, but even walls as well. 

Classic Subway

Subway tiles are one of the latest trends not just for your floors, but for your walls too. Classic and beautiful, subway tiles come in a variety of colors and has become a very popular choice and design element for many homeowners and interior designers. With subway tiles, you can choose to dab your walls with a splash of color in a variety of shapes, lines and patterns any way you wish. The same way tiles are often used on floors, subway tiles are now popularly used to cover entire walls of kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to clean and highly durable. 


Jewel Bronze and Jewel Base Subway Tiles and Espejo Subway Tiles

So the same way we don’t want to be limited to black and white empty spaces, don’t limit yourself to simple paints or even paintings for your walls. Discover the colorful world of subway tiles and see how much this will make a difference not just in your mood, but also in your day! 

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