How to Properly Install Tiles

Excited to add a pop of color or pattern to your house but hate breaking the bank? A DIY solution may be what you need to cut some costs. Doing it yourself can not only teach you a new skill, but can also bring forth a sense of fulfillment in being able to renovate or touch up  your own home! 

We have rounded up how to install tiles on your own, in just four easy steps and the materials you will need. The bonus is you can find all your material needs in your local hardware store. 


Water-proof gloves, chalk, tiles, tile adhesive, grout, notch trowel, tile spacers, tile cutter (if needed), rubber grout float, sponge and grout sealer.


Find the center of the room first and mark it. Then layout the tiles starting from the center, keeping adequate spacing between the tiles, and adjusting them if necessary. Then outline the center tile with chalk. You may use tile spacers for this step. 


Starting with the center tile first, use a thin-set mortar as the adhesive. Use the flat side of the notch trowel to evenly spread the adhesive then comb it using the notched side to form even lines. Do not put too much adhesive as it might harden easily. 

Once the center tile is set, install the rest of the tiles while using it as a point of reference. Make sure to install a few tiles at a time. Make sure to mind the spaces allotted between each tile to make way for the grout lines to be placed later. Tiles may be cut using a tile cutter if needed to fit them at the ends of the room and walls. 

Let the adhesive cure overnight or according to what is stated by the adhesive packaging. 


Mix the grout until it achieves a consistency like peanut butter. Place some grout on the tiles and holding the rubber grout float at an angle in different directions, spread them in the spaces between the tiles. Make sure to work quickly as the grout sets faster than the mortar. 


Wipe off the excess residue using a damp sponge, making sure to avoid taking out the grout.  Rinse the sponge frequently and then polish the tiles with a damp cloth. Let the grout set for a few hours.  After several days, add grout sealer to the grout lines, avoiding to get any on the tile itself. 



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