Wood-Flooring Vs. Wood-Like Tiles: Pros and Cons

There is nothing like the mood and aesthetic that wood flooring can evoke. 

While hardwood flooring may not be for everyone, there is another alternative which can also offer a similar aesthetic but with different properties. This is where wood-like tiles come into the picture. Wood-like tiles are tiles that look like wood from afar. Up close you can see that they are of a different material, whether it be ceramic or porcelain. 

While seemingly alike, these tiles are actually very different and we will break down the pros and cons of wood flooring and wood-like tiles to help determine what the right kind of flooring it is you need. 

Wood Flooring

One of the first pros that comes with wood flooring is its durability. If treated with proper care regularly, you can find that it can last for years in good condition. It needs the occasional sanding to refinish it every few years or so to maintain its appearance well. Just like most flooring, it needs to be protected from grit, moisture, and pet’s claws to keep the quality. 

Another pro is that it is slip resistant. These hardwood floorings can come with anti-slip ratings and are comparatively less prone to slips when wet compared to ceramic and porcelain. This makes it friendly for kids, elderly and even pets. 

However hardwood flooring comes with its share of cons. One of this is its tendency to expand or shrink depending on the weather, since water and humidity can negatively affect the wood. This makes it unideal for those who live near the coast or the tropics. In addition to that, since wood expands to heat via thermal expansion, the wood can either bend, swell, or shrink. Both humidity and heat can also lead to discoloration in the wood flooring. 

One of the prominent things about wood flooring is its cost. While the cost can vary with the wood type you intend to install, it is more difficult to install wood flooring and would need help from a professional in order to properly have it installed. 

Though wood flooring looks classic and great, there are limitations such as the color of the wood. They only come in shades of brown. There are more options for the texture should you like to have it matte, hand-scraped, pre-finished and the like. 

Wood-Like Flooring

Tile Express Molave Pardo

Whereas wood flooring is known for its heftier price, wood-like floorings which come in either ceramic or porcelain are known to be the cheaper option, if you are in a tighter budget. These are also easier to install and can even be installed by yourself should you decide to do it on your own. 

These tiles can also withstand even extreme weather conditions as long as there are expansion joints placed in the tile area to give them ample room. This means that this can be the perfect option for those opting for a wooden floor look even in hot or humid climates, without all the hassle that comes with maintaining and keeping hardwood flooring. These wood looking porcelain and ceramic tiles also can last a very long time due to its durability and good quality. 

This is also the better option for pet owners. Tile does not accumulate allergens in a way hardwood can and tiles can handle paw scratches from our animal companions better than wood can. While hardwood can also be considered an easy floor to clean due to the availability of special hardwood floor cleaners in stores, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be cleaned with the most standard cleaning solutions. Coming into contact with water often should not be a big problem as well. 

One of the advantages of tile is in the variety of options for both ceramic and porcelain. There is a range of options in size, shape, shade, and texture. This flexibility can mean a wider variety of designs and aesthetics can suit rooms with ‘wood-like’ flooring. 

With this laid out, hopefully you are one step closer to picking the right flooring for your home refurbishment. At Tile Express, you can design the home of your dreams with our range of wood-like tiles to choose from! Choose from our designs here at  https://tileexpressshop.com/product-category/tiles/wood-tiles/


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