Wood on Wood: Is Having Wood Floor Tiles and Wood Wall Tiles a Good Idea?

Do you want to give your home a classic feel? 

Adding wood tiles to the mix may be an option. Wood tiles are very versatile and can be used in many different ways to spice up your already existing space. Another more important question may be to ask what type of wall style would suit the choice of wooden flooring. 

The answer to this may boil down to preference. 

Wood on Wood 

If you want to channel the cabin or rustic style with plenty of wooden features, then having wooden tiles might be perfect for you. This gives off a cozy feeling. While wood itself is very durable, it can be costly and quite difficult to maintain due to its reaction to external forces such as dampness and humidity, that’s why wood tiles is a good choice as it has the wook look without the hassle of maintaining real wood.

Wood on Color 

However, if you do not like the cabin feel and want more contrast to the design, then plain colors may give it just the perfect accent that you’re looking for. Because there are many styles of wood tiles, there are a variety of matches that can work for wall colors too. Again, it boils down to preference on whether you prefer a bolder and striking room or a subtler or muted look. 

Neutral wall colors are a must. There isn’t much to go wrong with neutral wall colors, as this is the easiest way to make sure that they can coordinate well. Even if your wood tiles may have gray, orange, yellow, or gray undertones, neutral is sure to make them stand out. The good side of having a neutral wall color is that you can let your other accents such as a chair or a curtain have a much bolder color without overpowering the aesthetic of the entire room. White is the safest color among the neutral tones to go for if you want to highlight the wooden tones in the room. An alternative if white is too bright might be ivory or cream. Should you want a richer wall color, you can go for tan or taupe. 

If you’re the type to go more for color, then an analogous color might be the one for you. The key here is choosing an analogous wall color that has similar undertones with the wood style. If the wood has a golden to orange to reddish undertones, then going for a warm-toned wall color will be your best bet. If your wood has some gray or ashy undertones, then a cool color such as blue or green may be the pop of color that you need. 

If you’re looking for something bolder and more dramatic, then going for a contrasting color may be the perfect option. Just the same, you’d need to know the wood’s undertone to find the perfect shade that’s opposite it in the color wheel. If you have wood flowing with orange undertones, then the contrasting colors of blue-gray will work. If your wood flooring has reddish undertones, why not try a green shade to your walls? With every warm color, a cool color must match it. 

With whatever dream design you have in mind for your home, trendy wooden floor tiles are the best match. They can be mixed and matched with different wall styles that can bring out a different personality to your home. Mix and match with the array of wood floor tiles from Tile Express to bring out the best for your home at www.tileexpressshop.com


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