Quirk Up Your Bathroom with Mosaics

Mosaics are as decorative and visually-stunning as they go. This world–class design material is a sure fit for your overall bathroom look for it is a combination of both aesthetics and usefulness. It comes in a myriad of patterns, sizes, colors and materials like ceramic, porcelain or glass, you can choose from. It may sound as a surprise but most mosaic tiles have been hardened in fires making them hypoallergenic and do not contribute to the chemical impurities in the atmosphere. Generally, mosaics are durable and low maintenance. Remember that your bathroom is a canvas and you are the painter so before deciding to purchase mosaics, here’s what you need to know and consider.

Create a Design Plan

Mosaics buying needs a lot of thinking. It is not something that you can do on the spot unless, of course if you are a born tile artist yourself. You need to come up with a concrete plan of how you want your bathroom to look like. Creating a design plan will guide you to choosing the right colors, sizes and styles fitting for you. For instance, if you want to recreate a mountain-vibe or nature themed bathroom, then maybe you can go purchase mosaics with shades of green, brown or yellow. However, if your bathroom is located somewhere dim, then you can choose light- colored designs to brighten it up.

Safe to Use 

Bathrooms are general accident-prone areas. Falling on your back isn’t something that you’d wish to happen, correct? So it is important that not only we consider a beautifully-designed tile but also safe to use. At Tile Express, we can help you choose the right textured tiles for different parts of your bathroom.

Know the Material

As mentioned, there are several types of mosaics such as ceramic, resin, porcelain and glass. These types of mosaics  will surely bring elegance and style up your bathroom to a whole new level.

Size Matters

To answer the uprising argument of many if size really matters, the answer is a triple yes. Especially in choosing the right kind of tile design for you. Manufacturers in Asia often use centimeters instead of inches so the next time you buy a tile, make sure to measure it through centimeters so you won’t gasp over the left behind tiles.


Mosaics are sometimes expensive but all worth it. It actually depends on the class and materials used. It is also recommended that you always buy at least 5% more tiles that you need because some of them break during the installation due to the construction process, and over time sometimes tiles and mosaics need replacement. For instance, some people leave appliances on the tiles for a long period of time, and the years may cause stains. Once they want to renovate, they notice the stain, and it could be difficult to remove. This is where the extra allowance of tiles come very handy. This way you can get away from the hassle of driving towards the store again, and making sure that you have it on hand when needed. Always make sure to budget correctly so not to compromise your other expenditures.

Build to Last

To keep your tiles beautiful and lasting, clean them regularly with warm water. And avoid doing dirty and messy stuff inside the bathroom like cleaning shoes, painting for project, washing dirty dishes or clothes. Also, dry them up as often as needed. To get the best price and quality, go over our wide range of beautifully-designed but budget friendly mosaics for your bathroom or you may also visit any of our showrooms and we will be happy to tour you around and recreate that dream bathroom you have always dreamed of.

If you’re looking for mosaics for your bathroom space, you may check out https://tileexpressshop.com/products/


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