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2020 Trendy Home Decorations

The start of the new year not only calls for a celebration, but also inspires positive changes within us and the environment around us. 

For homemakers and interior design aficionados, this means reinventing and freshening up your home décor!

Thinking of redecorating your home this new year? Check out our list of 2020 trendy home decorations that you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Classic Blue

Color is an essential element of design. That’s why there’s no doubt that design enthusiasts all around the world are delighted for the announcement of this year’s pantone of the year. The Pantone Color Institute has announced that Pantone 19-4052 or Classic Blue is the pantone of the year 2020! This calm, relaxing, and timeless shade of blue is a delightful choice for many designers for its effortless elegance and simplicity. 

  1. Vintage Décor

As they say in fashion, vintage never gets out of style. This also applies in interior design and would be more apparent this 2020. 

Watch out for the return of traditional detailing from spooled legs to spindles as they are expected to go back on trend for furniture designers this year. However, avoid going overboard in using too much vintage into your home décor, as designers would recommend having them just as accent pieces or focal points to make them stand out and maximize their impact into a room. 

  1. Contrasting Décor

Have you ever wanted to paint your accent wall into a dark/black color? Now’s the perfect time to do it as high contrast colors are the new craze this 2020. Contrary to the all neutral or all white décor that grew popular the past few years, this new year calls for contrast. Go all out with a dark painted accent wall amid a light-colored room or invest in a dark fabric accent chair that would go well with your other light-colored living room furnishing.

  1. Non-white kitchen space

The past decade brought in the rise of all-white kitchen spaces. As we start a new decade this year, designers are expecting to go out of this trend and see more character in kitchen interior design. Lookout for the rise of natural wood furnishings or countertops and color-pop kitchen cabinets!

Getting excited on starting your home renovation this 2020? While it’s nice to keep up with the latest design trends, you should also not forget to invest in quality pieces and go for a trustworthy provider.

If you’re looking for ways to apply these trends into your home renovation, check out our available tiles and other premium quality products at Tile Express!