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Tile Motif: From minimalist to mixed

Your Tiles alone, can bring out the best out of your home. From flooring to backsplash or wall-covering, your tiles can work in so many ways. But the question is, how do you choose the motif fit for you and your home? In this article, we will guide you through before you purchase. 

You must note that tiles are not all ornate or intricate as you thought it would be because minimalist but elite tiles always make a statement. So if you are  the kind that prefers simple but refreshing vibe on your home, you might want to purchase tiles that are minimally-designed. 

Classic shaped tiles with a textured finish in neutral colors can offer you a soothing and very calming vibe. This design creates a space of visual interest and movement but without using bright or bold colors and minimal-detailing. 

This tile and wood ensemble beautifully blends together creating an aura of nature. The marble and the wood’s natural texture creates a light textural contrast to the tile that makes it more elegant looking. 

The black tiles with honey-comb like illusion and the accents of gold add glow to the overall look. 

This tile design, on the other hand, proves that less is more especially in the shower area. Tiles that come in different sizes but of the same color palette will make the area larger and open. But if you want to explore on patterned tiles, it could also be as it could add more character to the look. 

This bathroom design looks so spacious and well-lighted and the open-vanity gives out a lot of spaces for stuff appearing uncluttered. It feels calming and refreshing to see the vanity table match with the tile design making it more cohesive and easy on the eyes. 

For many people, mixing and matching tiles is a lot harder than it seems. Any wrong color or design match can cost you a lot especially when you plan to re-do it. It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Well, that’s where we come in because  we will be giving you tips on how to mix and match the right tiles for your home. 

Balance Busy Patterns 

An oblong-mosaic on the backsplash and a large-scale plain tiles will create a space bigger than it seems. A mix of these is easy on the eyes and something you will love. *change photo to one with our products 

Pattern with Plain

Remember to restrict your use of patterned tile to one surface – either the wall or the floor. In this picture, a classic hexagonal tiles on the floor is matched with a large-scale oblong wall tiles providing an enhanced glossy background. 

Play with Scale

One of the most important things to remember when balancing tiles is combining large and small scale patterned tiles. You may also combine three designs like this ion the picture. One is the tiny hexagonal tiles on the wall, second the medium sized hexagonal pattern on the basin and large-scale oblong tiles on the floor. The neutral monochromatic palette adds flavor and harmony ion the over-all design. 

Whether it be minimal or mixed, Tile express got you covered. Just look into our myriad of tile designs and we will help you pick the best for your home. Call us today!